Thursday, June 5, 2014

Media ownership
          I think that traditional print still plays a big role in our news today. I think that if we didn't have news papers or TV news a lot of people would not get a lot of the news. Also I think this is where a lot of the older generations get there news from. 
          If people begin to pick there own topics of news I feel like every thing will go down hill. The reason I think that is because People will here or see what they want and leave out some of the important stuff. What if in some ones neighborhood there was a rapist and all they looked at was sports news they might go outside one day and get raped.
          I think that when I am older and in collage and what not I will probably subscribe to like some kind of daily news so that I have a feel for what is going on. This does not necessarily mean news paper or tv but it might mean a news app on my phone or a school news paper. 
  This is a link that tells you a little bit about discovery communication like what company it owns some are TLC, OWN, Animal Planet, and many more these are just a few.
  This is a website that talks about how news should not be owned or made but it should be news.
10 days on drudge report
          For ten days I got my news from one place This website is a news site where there are a ton of links. This is not an independent website where they produce the news, but instead they provide links to news sites that produces news.
          When I first opened  Drudge Report I thought that it was really ugly I didn't like the way it looked at all. It was just a page with links and two or three pictures. this guy does not write his own news. Matt Drudge looks for news on other sites then puts a link on drudge report to the other website. I feel like this is a really lazy thing to do and that it would take no effort to do this.
          The thing I like about drudge report is that  it is easy to maneuver because all the links are organized by the topic. another thing i like is that it is pretty conservative based, because I am pretty conservative my self.
   Here is a link to a website that has some reviews on drudge report. Some people really like the site and some dont like it or have found other websites they like better.
  This is a link to a website that tells you how many people per day go on it what rank it is in the world and us and what not.
          This last week learning about satire has been really fun. I love how it has comedy and news mixed together. This is my personal favorite because it is funny and not just hears what happened hears the weather good night. This is a clip from the Clobert Report this is a good example of satire because he takes real life things and turns them into big jokes and makes fun of them. But at the same time he is reporting news.
          satire is a whole different world of news because when you are telling it you are not just "hears what happened"  but you are making jokes and making fun of people and or there stuff.
 This is a link to urban dictionary telling about satire. I really like this definition because it is in more modernized term. 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Utah Yearbook
          This past year in Utah there was a high school who took their students school pictures and edited them to make them more appropriate. If they thought a girls shirt was too low they would draw in a little more so it wasn't so low. If some one had  tattoo they would erase it.
          I think this is wrong to do without the kids permission because Then no one can see there tattoos or there cute shirt all they see and remember it the edited version.
 This is a link to the article talking about the Utah highschool yearbook.
          This is a photo of a girl who had a tattoo and her shirt edited to be more "Appropriate".

          Do you think it is OK for schools to do this without students consent. would you like it if your whole school picture was changed.

Monday, April 14, 2014

          Prior to this class I have never used InDesign, I thought that it would be hard but it was pretty darn easy once I got the hang of it . I think that doing the copy of the magazine page was fun and it taught me a lot about InDesign.

          The picture above was my first try at the forty minute challenge it turned out OK but not the best i don't like hoe all the pictures are about the same size and how nothing has much dominance. The thing I like is that the whole document is centered around the pictures and that there is not a ton of text on the page
          this picture is the second try on my forty minute challenge, I like this one a lot better not all the pictures are all the same size, and one of the pictures really show dominance. Also I like the contrast between the green line and the black text I think that really pops. the only thing that i do not like is that the text is broken apart and I wish I would have done that differently.

           I think that design is a very important thing in magazines and newspapers. Design effects if people even read an article / story at all or if they just look at the pictures and turn the page. Every thing we use is designed for a specific task or job, our phones are designed to fit in our hands and to be easy to use but at the same time do many things. our shoes are designed to look good and be comfortable and these are just a few of may things that are designed.
          I am a designer in a few ways because I design the outfits I wear, I design the way my room is and I design story for the hoof Almost every one is a designer in this way not for a company or other things but for themselves. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

This is the story of the time my uncle saved a man's life:  "It was opening day for fishing season.  We were fishing on Ottertail Lake and it was kind of a rainy day.  We went out about late afternoon and started fishing about 200 yards from shore.  We were catching a few, but nothing real exciting was going on.  There were a bunch of boats around us, when Reggie and I saw a boat coming straight at us, wide open.  In that boat there were two older men with rain jackets on, hoods up, and facing each other. The guy sitting in front of the driver was blocking the driver's vision.  About 20 yards away from us there was a speedboat with three younger guys fishing out of it.  The old guys could not see the younger guys' boat, and they hit their boat full speed in the transom.  The two older men were thrown to the floor and bashed and beat up a bit.  As for the three younger guys, they were all thrown from their boat.  Two of the three had life jackets on.  Reggie and I had reeled in already because we had seen it coming.  We drove over to see if everyone was alright.  The two with the life jackets were fine.  We asked where the third guy was.  The two said he was on the other side of the boat.  So we drove to the other side and all I could see was his shoulder underneath the surface of the water.  So I reached down as far as I could, stretched out as far as I could, and barely grabbed his coat, then pulled him up into our boat.  Then we helped the other two back up into their boat.  We all decided to call it a day and drove back in to shore.  We got back to shore and put our boats on the trailer.  Then the three younger guys began bickering at the older guys for not paying attention.  Things started to get a little bit heated.  Reggie stepped in and asked if everyone was alright. They said they were fine; just shook up a little bit.  Reggie thanked the Lord, and said a little prayer, which calmed everyone down a little bit.  After that everyone swapped insurance cards, then Reggie and I headed home."

Monday, March 3, 2014

          choice-the right, power, or opportunity to choose . choices are a huge part of everyday life we have to make choices to get through the day like choosing to do work or choosing to eat choice is a huge part of our day . The choices that I get to make about news in our school is That I get to pick what people read and see. that is what I think is the best part of being in journalism 2 because you get to do that. Also you get to decide what you would like to learn about too.
          I think that the "old folks " are wrong about saying that online news is bad for you, because if you get to pick what you read and listen to and if it is customized to you than you will never be mad because you have to look at and read stuff you don't want to see. One other benefit to having online news is you can see it anywhere, you can see it from phones, computers, tablets, and even more devices.
          In some situations I think that you can have to many choices and that may lead to paralysis like Barry Schwartz said. Like now if you go to Cherry Berry there are about a hundred different flavors to choose from and if you cant decide witch one than you may just leave because you are frustrated or cannot choose. Another example is where to go to collage.
          I think that confirmation bias is different from customizing news because when you customize news you are picking the articles not what the articles or story's are saying. In confirmation bias you are only remembering what you want to here and what gives supportive evidence to your hypothesis about something. here is a link I found to making choices in life, this ties in with the topic of choice and how we have to make choices every single day and talks about why some choices are made.
 This link helps explain the example of how Cherry Berry has way to many flavors of yogurt because there are 90 different flavors of frozen yogurt to choose from.